April 27, 2021

What an Author must endure of threats from strangers

What an Author must endure of threats from strangers.


Greetings, and welcome to today's Author News from ml-stark.com

It's more than difficult to understand what goes through people’s mindset when they write on my FacebookEspecially those I don't know. Also, those who hide behind off what I believe is a fake Facebook account. 

Well, at least this is what I think of this weird Facebook account, alerting
 "F*cking Hell. Check your messenger." Why is  the profile attacking me so rudely on a peaceful day?

On a lovely Sunday morning, I woke up after a peaceful sleep.

I open my balcony door and listen to the lovely sound of the waves crashing on Bournemouth Beach. Next, I grab my fresh brewed coffee from the kitchen. Afterwards I go back to the balcony, mostly to enjoy the sun and the view of the mesmerising ocean in my front yard. 

As usual, I then turn on my phone. First checking emails. Second, the BBC NewsThereafter my InstagramAnd finally, my Facebook.

It strikes me! Wow! Sometimes other people can truly pull the teeth out of any normal person. Normally, and what I believe is decent people who respect others, do not do as what I now must endure in my life being an author on a lovely Sunday morning.

Morbid post from 'Burningdesire Failed'

Morbid post from 'Burningdesire Failed'

Hatred of other people does not work so well on me. Why not? You see, it's because I can't hate. 

Shockingly, I'm glaring at all these morbid post from 'Burningdesire Failed'. It made me almost choke on my morning coffee. 

Thereafter I immediately ponder off a dangerous malignant narcissist. So what is that? Let me tell you! And please take it seriously; this is a person who is more dangerous than psychopaths or sociopaths.

I my mind this morbid posts from 'Burningdesire Failed' also reminds me of a sadistic person like Pol Pot or Adolf Hitler. In the same way as Ted Bundy, who was fueled by anger and hatred to the entire world. Also, of their hatred of women. 

And now I must endure such anger and hatred from these morbid posts from 'Burningdesire Failed' I don't even know who 'Burningdesire Failed' is!

Poor emotional impulse control.

It reminded me about my ex-boyfriend who was enslaved by his own need to constantly manipulate me. Constantly to hate me behind his devious, yet his stunning brown eyes. I know it too well! Literally every word that came out of his filthy mouth was a lie. 

While some can be "high-functioning" in the sense that he could blend into society, well, he certainly could for a short time. But he was also "low-functioning" because of his extremely poor emotional impulse control

They want to control you, and having you deceived and under their control because of lies is dangerous to the person being lied to. That is when narcs become dangerous, they are ruthless and uncaring and use and discard people at will, with no regard to feelings.

I'm used to such people trying to intimidate me. Also, in the same way as these morbid posts from 'Burningdesire Failed' now try to intimidate me. 

I know it too well! You see, it's because my ex-boyfriend couldn't control himself. I was under constant attack by him for the entirety of our relationship.

Regaining knowledge about Psychopaths 

By now I have been regaining a lot of knowledge about psychopaths. That knowledge has empowered me to reinforce my boundaries. Furthermore, it has also prepped me not to react on such stupidness as those threats written in these messages.

Honestly, I truly find them laughable. A psychopathic performance from 'Burningdesire Failed', whom I think of as a dangerous malignant narcissist. What is their goal with this game?

Share it with others

Yet, I must share it with others! 

Especially with other women of whom I'm sure must endure the same as I now must endure from what I think is a malignant narcissist. And worst, it's from a person I don't even know. 

So how does he/she know me?

So why then share it?

I don't know!

I think you should know.

In other words, it's not always a straightforward task to be an author. Or to be a woman the narcissistic psychopath enjoyed controlling. 

Therefore, I think you should know about it. Arguing with a Narcissist is like getting arrested. Everything you say, that can and will use it against you. 

Nor was it easy during the writing process of my books BURNING DESIRE Part 1 and BURNING DESIRE FADES Part 2 - from the Trilogy: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes. Nor was it easy during the publishing process. 

And I think you should know, it's not a simple task, even after I released the books. So why is it so? In conclusion, the message is quite clear in this article, since they're such mean people out there, writing such mean things.

Also, I think you should know, BURNING DESIRE Part 1 and BURNING DESIRE FADES Part 2 - from the Trilogy: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes, DID NOT FAIL. It' is actually a massive success both in US, UK and in Australia, because many women and also men can relate to the subject. 

In an articleshemazing.net wrote: M.L. Stark calls out the hallmarks of abuse, citing unequal power balances, unequal monetary situations and low self-esteem as facilitators of abuse and warns against the signs of narcissism. Lack of boundaries, respect and self-control all starts as small issues that gradually grow to encompass the entire relationship, until there seems to be no way out. 

However, I actually get mild amusement from reading the post from 'Burningdesire Failed'. Mostly because the profile behaves like a 3-year-old scorned child. The little man-child never got his lollipop!

To put it in another way:

'Burningdesire Failed' might fool hundreds of people into believing that I'm something which in reality I'm not. However, I can recognise what kind of person 'Burningdesire Failed' is under all that BS.


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