May 01, 2021



"The Romans crucified me in my past life," he seriously said.

"It’s as if it’s me who hangs there. Immediately I feel it's as the Romans crucified me in the past life," he finishes, eyeing at me as he’s in pain.

However, I can’t forget this ludicrous experience. Furthermore, I find it ridiculous and hypocritical. Then it’s as if he wants me to feel his alleged pain—as if he wants to convince me he is more ‘holy’ than he is. 

Afterwards, this makes me lose the last part of my faith in Christ. 

Moreover, the dude has a severe GOD COMPLEX!!!

Soon pops up a new-fangled idea in his mind. Croatia! I have a major weakness. Shit! I’m too impulsive. The future is now; I muse. 

However, insight and awareness of the future should become an inspiring and innovative force in my life—dramatically expanding my horizons through travel to distant destinations or exotic lands. Eventually, progress in my career depends on my ability to think in brand-new trajectories. Eventually, it may again be the time be for exciting innovative opportunities. Also, I have a great desire to expand my consciousness and furthermore seek more boundaries with him.

However, enjoy the beautiful video. The mesmerising country of Montenegro. "Mountains are calling and..."

Mountains are calling and...

First, we spend one week in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in Southeast Europe. It’s a part of the former Yugoslavia. Stunningly it raises its tall peaks along its borders with Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, with Montenegro and Hungary. Furthermore, it comprise, the most stunning and rugged black mountains terrain in Europe.

We drive from Dubrovnik Airport, hereafter; we arrive at a stunning spot tucked away in beauty, close to the Montenegrin border at the coastline on the waterfront of the Adriatic Sea. The first days we stay in this small mesmerising tiny village, before we're moving on.


Next we had one weeks’ vacation in Montenegro. There we furthermore stayed for a week at a lush small boutique five-star hotel. 

An authentic Mediterranean hideout and the heaven of serenity. Besides, from this place, Tom Cruise also had his gourmet food comprising a seafood feast—delivered from this place to his luxury yacht, Lady S., during his visit to Montenegro. The food is that good.

However, it is a perfect retreat of choice for us. Moreover, it's a true escapism, accentuated with comfort and luxury, intertwining a sense of privacy and friendly, openhearted atmosphere in this family-owned unique site.

Eventually, we stroll along the seafront promenade to Kotor, a fortified town close by. Also, Kotor is characterised by winding streets and squares in the medieval old town. Here we furthermore find The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Tryphon from 1166 in a small square of Kotor old town.

It’s a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. For example, its slender Corinthian columns alternate with pillars of pink stone to support a series of vaulted roofs. Also in the arches are remains of beautiful Byzantine-style frescoes.

Furthermore, there is a stunning gilded silver bas-relief altar screen they consider it as Kotor’s most valuable treasure.


That day, I have a peculiar religious experience with my lover, while walking inside the church. To begin with, mystically and strangely, he stops up. Then I gaze at him in surprise. Eventually I'm wondering what is wrong.

‘What are you doing, darling?’ I ask, then watching him closely.

‘Ohhh...’ He pauses. ‘First, I’m musing about the cross with Jesus.’ He pauses and then brings his right hand up and next nuzzles his chin. To begin with, he tilts his head slightly, observing as if he’s questioning something. Second, he tilts his head to one side. Then next to the other side. Afterwards, he walks closer to the cross to study it. Moreover, he's weirdly staring at Jesus. Last, he's investigating Jesus’s hands and feet.

‘What are you thinking of?’ I thereafter ask, next gawking at him curiously and furthermore ask; ‘Is there anything wrong?’

‘Hmm… that’s weird,’ he immediately says, next pausing before he furthermore adds, ‘Oh ... Right now, I just feel the pain Jesus went through, when the Romans nailed him to the cross.’

‘Huh? Come on. That’s blasphemy! Where has that come from?’ I immediately answer.

‘Yea, moreover, I also sense the pain through my hands and feet right now. I can’t make the pain go away.’ He furthermore ads.

Immediately, I panic. ‘Are you having a heart attack? Besides, why are you hurt?’ At first, I’m sure I didn’t hear him correctly. ‘Is this a joke?’ I secondly ask.

‘No ... No ... It’s as if it’s me who hangs there. As the Romans crucified me in the past life,’ he then finishes, and next eyeing at me as he’s in pain.

‘What? Eyh, doh ... Frankly, Drake,’ I say awed, ‘besides let’s move on!’

However, he keeps gazing at the cross. In the meantime, I continue exploring the church, being fascinated in the many stunning frescos.

Afterwards, I go back to the fake Jesus. Furthermore, to my grand surprise, immediately Drake reaches out to me. ‘Try touching inside my hands,’ he tells me and thereafter asks; ‘Don’t you notice I have got underlying scars inside my palms?’ 

‘Ohhh! What now?’ Then I take his warm hands in mine. Next I'm viewing at his soft hands then palpate his palms. ‘I notice nothing!’ While I furthermore push calmly inside his palms and thereafter on the back of his hand. Then he moans several times.

‘Aw… Aw,’ he in the meantime whines. ‘There, Babe—exactly where you press! It’s where the Romans fastened the spikes into my hand. Can’t you massage it a little? Then the pain will go away?’

Enjoy the beautiful video from the BAY OF KOTOR

Beautiful November in the Bay


Undoubtedly, he was playing his Jesus card! Yikes! Next he mimics as he wants to cry. In the meantime I massage his hands lightly with my fingers. Eventually I only wish his illusory pain will disappear—not because I believe a damn bit of his so-called ‘Jesus pain’. However, I enjoy rubbing his lovely warm hands. And meanwhile I also ponder; does he also want me to massage and kiss his feet as well?

Whatsoever, I can’t forget this ludicrous experience. Besides, I also find it ridiculous. Furthermore, hypocritical too. In addition, it’s as if he wants me to feel his alleged pain—as if he also wants to convince me he is more ‘holy’ than he is.

Finally, this makes me lose the last part of my faith in Christ.


Eventually, on our last day, we drive to Perast, an old town. It's only a few kilometres northwest on the Bay of Kotor, which also is a picturesque gratification for the soul.

However, it’s one of the most out-of-the-world unique countries I ever have seen, with its dramatic natural contrasts and colourful rains. The coast is also bursting with stunning scenery, mirrored in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Along the stone and pebble coastline, also pops up some stunning picturesque islands in the horizon—eventually perfect for serenity or romance. Besides, it gives you the impression of being at the edge of the world too.

Afterwards, while being in Perast, we then enjoy our coffee break and eventually we have a lovely dinner. Meanwhile, we enjoy our last day while watching the sight of the Islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. In the meantime, we enjoy the mesmerising flaming Sun sets behind the massive mountains of Montenegro.

Excerpt from: M. L. Stark. “Burning Desire Fades

Enjoy the beautiful video from the mesmerising country of Montenegro droned 2020.


April 30, 2021


It’s funny how people try to be sneaky in a world full of two-faced people. But the only ones they are fooling are themselves. 


I try to behave, not letting it affect me living in a world full of two-faced people. Occasionally you must play the clown when dealing with a fool.

Where did my OLD ugly cousin ‘CAMILLE’ get such a crazy idea from? Curiously, the two-faced monkey fires a ton of questions eagerly while speaking on the phone. Maybe her IQ is not so high. However, the TROLL gives the impression of being intelligent. Next, she claims to be my very close cousin. It becomes clear to me, CAMILLE doesn’t know a fiddly squat about me. However, the two-faced monkey is excused. 

After all, how can she know when she in fact knows nothing? To put it in another way, and strangely, I don't understand it; why hasn’t the fool not asked me before? Especially since she claims she is such a CLOSE cousin to me? Nevertheless, I must play the clown when dealing with a fool.

The sneaky snake keeps claiming we're very best and lifelong buddy's and very close to each other. Well, well mate, your imagination and creativity aren't that high and clever after all. A sudden silence comes over the phone as the TROLL was pondering over the next lie she could tell the person she was talking to. 

The miserable TROLL makes him wonder.

What I thereafter realise while talking to my publisher; The phoney TROLL was telling him all these above mentioned lies on the day she called him.

Shockingly, the miserable TROLL only wanted to pump him for information.

"What information?" I asked.

"Yeah, you know? About your private life."

Sneaky 'CAMILLE' also wanted to know if the books were a true-life story or not.

My publisher confronts CAMILLE. Immidiately the troll hangs up!

Furthermore, if ‘CAMILLE’ was my real close cousin, why then question closely my publisher about my books and my private life?

Moreover, I actually got amused from hearing how 'CAMILLE' acted like a 3-year-old little scorned child.


Lastly, and at the end of the day, I must say; 


Therefore, I'm totally ignoring 'CAMILLE's' stupid comments.

To put it in another way: The earth is full of mad two-faced people in a terrifying world with miserable angry TROLLS like 'CAMILLE'.

April 28, 2021

The strengths of empathetic people that psychopaths lack

Bookstagramming Siblings separated by distance, united by books 🇺🇸🇮🇳📚 First ever brother-sister reviewing duo❤️

Aayush & Oshin's verdict of BURNING DESIRE
Title - Burning Desire: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes Part I
Author - M.L. Stark

👦🏻Aayush’s verdict 

Have you ever been in a relationship with a psychopath? Chances are, even if you did, you would never know it. Psychopaths are cunning charmers and master manipulators, to the point where you start to accept the most extreme behaviors as normal. Everyone should read this book, even if they have not personally been in an intimate relationship with a Psychopath.

Overall this is one of the best resources I have read for people who are healing from encounters with sociopaths/narcissists. It is written in a kind, caring voice; and it is super precise and enlightening in all of its descriptions.

This book is not just about recovering from dating a psychopath. This book is about human relationships, empathy, and self-preservation. It's about protecting yourself from toxic relationships and forgiving yourself when you fall apart. I recommended it to a friend because she's been struggling to find post-break up answers after years of dating someone she now suspects is a sociopath. She immediately loved it and felt validated.

Written from the heart, it is the first guide for survivors written by a survivor, offering hope for healing and thriving after psychopathic abuse. Say goodbye to the chaos, self-doubt, and victimization. You are free!



👩🏻Oshin’s verdict ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I have to say that this little book really does have it all! It simply tells you how it is with the psychopath. How they think and how they do not care nor worry about what you nor anyone else thinks. No empathy, no care other than for themselves.

I liked it because it reiterated author’s real experience. This book has simple yet powerful ways to embrace the entire experience and recover from it. It discusses the strengths of empathetic people that psychopaths lack and will never have the ability to understand.
This book was very hard for me to put down and as I read each page I found myself nodding in a agreement with its text. As it is written by a survivor of emotional abuse, I appreciated it greatly as if the author was right beside me telling me their story and what to look out for should it happen again and the reasons why we fall these certain types of people.

This book is the last thing your abuser wants you to read. Quick read and provides practical advice on healing as well as walking you through revelations you may not have gotten to yet. The books reads like you’re talking to a compassionate friend who is invested in your healing and helping you through your journey to feel safe and whole again by sharing her own story.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly as it has helped me to overcome one of the most painful experiences I have had in my life. I’m eternally grateful that this book exists and even more, after reading “Part I” mentioned in the title.
I’ll be waiting for more from M.L Stark!